Terimasteel Oy

Terimasteel Ltd was founded in 1993, our core business is based on strong professionalism in the production of steel frames. Our area of operation is the whole of Finland. We service our customers with flexibility and according to schedules. Me manage to offer competitive prices due to our small margin of error and our specialized know-how. Our core competence is handling long steel structures and accurate follow-up schedules. Our staff is knowledgeable and we are the right choice for especially demanding projects. We possess a strong partner network - our subcontracting company’s strengths are at your disposal.

We manufacture steel structures, ducts, rails, platforms and tanks. We perform plating and welding, machine repairs, maintenance and downtime repairs. Our equipment allows us to work with long structures up to 25 meters. We offer a comprehensive project- work as well as sub-assemblies. We provide hourly rates of steel jobs at competitive prices.